Um.. I have two toddlers?

I have no excuses for it being 6 days since I last posted. Wait, actually, I do, their names are Cranky and Sweet and they demand a lot of attention. Add to it, that we’re in the middle of an adoption and took a mini-vacation last weekend and life is hectic. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

And since this blog is still private and I have exactly 3 readers (hi to all 3 of you!) I figure you’ll forgive me for not being so quick to update. Besides, you all get the updates through email or g-chat anyway.

We finally submitted our paperwork to RR to get sweet girl off the waiting list. As soon as our home study agency provides their part of the paperwork then we can make some of her information public. We also wrapped up our physicals and TB tests last week and this morning (to check for TB reaction) so I need to submit that. While we sat in the car this weekend, I did my autobiography for the home study. It’s hard to summarize your life and every defining moment of your life in just a couple pages, but hopefully I included enough to let her see who I am. He is working on his. He agrees it’s hard. Maybe he can find an hour to finish his tonight. Also to complete the home study we’ve got to take some classes.

Then it’s on to submitting our I-600A which is with US immigration (USCIS). They have to get copies of our home study and do background checks to approve us to adopt. At the same time I have a list of what seems like a million documents from our agency that needed filled out and signed in different ways by different people for our dossier. Things are starting to get really real and moving very fast.

If you didn’t know, I also start a new job tomorrow. I’m a little nervous because when I applied for this job we had no clue the adoption would move so fast. We thought it would be next year before she came home and now I have to break it to them that I will need to take 3 weeks off this year to travel to EE to bring a little girl home. I’m also hopeful they will let me take some time off once she’s home to help her bond and acclimate to her new life. I can only pray that they will be understanding about the timing and realize that this isn’t normally me and I don’t traditionally need this much time off! I hope they are willing to get past the next 8-10 months and see that I can be a wonderful employee – just give me a chance!


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