Cookies (Trip 2, Day 5)

Today, Thursday, was our last full day of visits. Vita had to take a paper to the court, so she left us with you this morning. For some reason, you are wearing the same dress from Monday and Tuesday and not the dress from Wednesday. Maybe you got it dirty last night.

You dug right into the bag and found our craft of the day – headbands!

I had perfect images in my head of creating them and then leaving them in the corner to dry. I should have known better by now 🙂 Before we even got to Step 1, you had glitter glue all over your hands.

So, in less than 5 minutes we were looking for the next activity. The rain this week has really been a dampener on our time together. We all love to be outside, but when it’s this cold and rainy we can’t go outside.
You found your juice box and after offerring mama and papa a glass settled in to multi task. You like puzzles and could probably do it yourself, but right now you get more enjoyment out of asking Mama where the pieces go and having me help you. 

We had kept this a secret from you for all our visits, but desperate rainy times in one small room call for desperate measures. We uncovered the sand table. You tried to be very careful, but you are 4 years old so a little sand ended up on the floor. Nothing we couldn’t sweep under the curtains though. You spend a long time scooping sand through the waterwheel.

Soon enough Vita came back and it was time for lunch.
We went with Vita back to Globus this afternoon. We ate at their lunch buffet and talked some business with Vita. There was lots to discuss regarding court, what happens next and other matters.  Then we walked around and shopped a little. We bought Mama a bottle of nail polish for 17 rubles so she could fix her toes before court (open toed shoes). We also bought Sweet Girl a 99 ruble DVD of a local cartoon. We are employing every possible tactic to entertain a spunky 4 year old on a plane for 9+ hours!
When we got back to the orphanage, there was a meeting in our room so we waited in the peach room for you. We hadn’t been allowed in here yet, so we took a look around. 
Vita had MORE paperwork to run around town, so she left us here by ourselves. We were to wait for the meeting to end and then wait for you to come up. Vita also told us that the director had asked for us not to come tomorrow afternoon. They were having an inspection and she did not want to cause more commotion with our visit. We were bummed, but we understood. This means though, that the last of the items we brought you were still at the hotel.
Finally, you arrived! I think they told you we were here and you hurried through lunch because the first 30 minutes of our visit were consumed with you eating!
First a banana…

And then the animal crackers!

We knew these last few minutes would have to tide us over for weeks so we tried to make the most of them. We took lots of pictures of you and tried to get lots of cuddles in. 

I thought this video of you stacking these rings was cute. It was obviously easy for you, but your little personality came out so much!

We once again explained that Mama and Papa had to leave for a few weeks, but we’d be back, just like before to see you. I promise baby girl, we will take you home soon!


4 thoughts on “Cookies (Trip 2, Day 5)

  1. Hey, love the photos! How cute is she?!? Just to give you a heads up, you will either need to unlock your laptop for all region codes or change the region code on your laptop (you have a limited number of changes) to play the Russian DVD.

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