No labels

I have always used Blogger for blogging until I started hearing more and more internet chatter about this place called WordPress. Since I’m loyal and my blogs had like 5 followers, I never investigated. Then the chatter increased.

The chatter coincided with my desire to blog, but not about one of the topics I’d filed myself under with the other blogs. I’ve decided to start blogging on WordPress as a means to have a voice for all the randomness that might come along. It’s interesting learning a new interface, but my favorite way to learn things is to dive right in. Worst case the whole world sees my mistakes.

Eventually, I hope to move my content over from my other blogs to WordPress too so that there will be one place that defines me.

That’s why soholdfast will officially be a place that has no labels. I don’t label myself so there is no defined content here and the posts are going to be about everything that matters to me. I will likely take a more anonymous approach as well where I begin to use code names for family and friends. I hope you will come along for the ride!

And as a teaser, here’s the things I haven’t found a home for yet:

-DIY projects
-Real Estate flipping and investing
-Career aspirations


Want to talk about this?

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