She fell off the monkey bars

I feel like at any minute the police are going to show up and haul me to jail. I mean, my kid says her arm hurts and I tell urgent care “she fell off the monkey bars”. It is the most common childhood injury ever but the nurse looked at me like I was joking. No really, at the park yesterday she thought she could do the monkey bars by herself and plop landed on her wrist and back.

We gave it a good 20 hours and things weren’t improving so here we are waiting at the local urgent care. We have been waiting over an hour and they don’t seem to be in a rush to get us out of here.

I asked if I could take her picture:


Then she picks to try to sit on the spinning stool with one arm. Dissuaded her from that! She doesn’t understand why I don’t think it’s safe.

She keeps asking how long and I keep telling her to look out the window. 1. It gives her something to do and 2. Hopefully staring at them will make them hurry up 🙂



It’s clear the doc doesn’t think it is broken and I didn’t see anything on the X-rays but I am certainly not a radiologist! I can’t decide if I hope it is broken to justify spending the $50 copay and 2 hours of my life or if I want it to be okay so we can get out of here!

Well, the doctor said it’s just a sprain and sent us on our way. Poor kiddo is still complaining a lot though.

I missed a call from the urgent care the next morning. The voicemail said, “We have made an appointment at the orthopedist for 1pm today for your daughter. Please call us with any questions.” Um, yes I have questions! When I called they said that when the radiologist was filing the final report he saw a break and we need to see ortho. Um, okay, but now it is Monday morning and I just send my kid to school with a broken arm and told her to be brave!

Ignoring the possible incompetence, we finally made it through orthopedics yesterday afternoon and my sweet girl now sports a very pretty purple cast. And the best part – it is waterproof! Yippee for mommy and daddy!

This is the x-ray, the break is in the larger bone in her arm at the top – on the left side of this bone, you’ll see a little spot that protrudes, this is the classic presentation of a buckle fracture. The break goes all the way across her bone right there. 


Our excellent cast tech had her all done in less than 10 minutes – speedy!


Little sisters were great troopers. I stuck them in this cubby hole in the cast room and turned on the iPad. The cast tech didn’t even know they were there!


Back at home and resting – don’t let her fool you though – this hasn’t slowed her down one bit!



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