Disney or Dirty?

The baby daddy/love of my life got a new phone recently and he has discovered Google Now (which annoyed the crap out of me and I turned off quickly). It has analyzed his info and has recommended some shows for him to watch:

Doc McStuffins
Naked and Afraid

If you aren’t aware, the first three are Disney shows/movies. The last is a Discovery channel show that’s probably PG-13 about surviving naked in the wilderness. So basically, Google thinks he wants shows about cartoons and survival which considering he likes to be outside and has three girls is about accurate.

Seriously. It’s funny right? I mean “Tangled” is 100% innocent until you add Naked to the list and then it reminds me of Christian Grey. Am I alone that this is hilarious?

I considered though, that if you weren’t already aware of these shows, the combination of the 4 of them sounds suspiciously pay per view adult-program oriented.


1 thought on “Disney or Dirty?

  1. Haha, netflix is very confused with our viewing preferences. My Little Ponies, Legos, Breaking Bad, it gives us some interesting recommendations.

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