Registration Dossier in EE!

We got the offical word yesterday that our hours and hours of hard work and hundreds of dollars of documents made it safe and sound to Sweet Girl’s country yesterday! And no, this isn’t the actual truck. Well, I suppose it could be, but that’s highly unlikely since I borrowed the pic off the internet.

I wish I would have remembered to take a picture of the registration documents and all our apostilles before I mailed them off, but I forgot, so once again, one I borrowed off the internet will do!

This is our second major milestone (first was getting a completed homestudy without my social worker throwing me off a bridge). There are lots of people that helped us get this far, but a few that I want to thank specifically:

Heather – you are the very first person other than him I told about Sweet Girl. You made me feel like I wasn’t crazy for considering adoption with such young kids and you’ve been supportive the whole way! And you still encouraged me to change jobs in the middle of it!

Leigh Anna – I told you next. You basically told me that I was crazy. I know since I told you, you’ve prayed and cried and worried a hundred lifetimes for us. You provided me my first “challenge” questions so I got the chance to refine my answers for the next dozen of them.

Rachel- you were my first imaginary friend who had actually just completed this journey. You were and are awesome with answering my endless questions and Vika is amazing.

Paige – In true Johnson fashion you gave us a “Cool!” You made us feel like it was just another day and gave us no doubt she’d be accepted into your family just like Cranky and Happy

Traci – You were my second imaginary friend and you told me about judy and that vita rocked. You’ve continued to be my go to gal for questions on our region.

Lesli – You know what you did – thank you 🙂

Whitney – um, my new best friend? I will be soo sad if we can’t get the girls together when they get home. Thanks for “getting me”.

The lady at the Wells Fargo on Coliseum who notarized 40 documents for us – I’m sorry for the handcramp, but thanks for your super speedy notarizations with no errors.

Annie – You got up at 6am to drive to Raleigh for us for apostilles so we wouldn’t have to spend precious PTO hours. You also gush like a proud grandmother with every new picture and video clip.

My imaginary friends on FB’s RR R group – whether I swamp the board with questions, share trials or praises, or just read all your wisdom you have ALL been the biggest support to my craziness.

So what next?? Our facilitator in country will translate everything and then request an appointment at the Adoption Office to submit our stuff. Then they either accept it and issue us a travel date or they request more documents. We hope for the first 🙂 And we are still hoping for a travel date in June.