Bubbles! (Trip 2, Day 2)

The rest of Day 1-

I attempted to finish this last night, but after being up for 24 hours with just cat naps on the plane and in the car, I just couldn’t do it, so here’s the rest of Day 1.
We got on the plane and settled in. We felt like we had just finished our Chili’s dinner, but within about 90 minutes of taking off, they started serving dinner. We had heard that the Delta food wasn’t as good as the Aeroflot food, but it seemed about the same to us. Our choices were cheese tortolini or a baked chicken and vegetables. Here’s his chicken:

The flight was uneventful. The in-seat entertainment was better on the Aeroflot flight, but this was fine. It felt like there were a few more movie choices, but they also had some pay movies. When it got dark outside, we attempted to nap.

Fast forward some sore bottoms and tired hours later, we got to Day 2!

Day 2:

About 90 minutes before we landed they served breakfast. It was a banana, orange juice and some sort of hot pocket breakfast burrito with egg and sausage. Meh.

We arrived at the big airport at about 9:30am, 30 minutes ahead of schedule. We knew where we were going and what line to get in to go through passport control this time. We quickly made it to baggage claim and then waited, and waited, and waited. Finally our bags showed up and we went through customs. He knew this time to not make eye contact and keep walking so he wasn’t pulled aside this time.

As soon as we went out, there was Vita waiting for us! Such a welcome sight!

We went out and were excited to see Ilya was our driver again. We had requested him, but never got confirmation of if he was available. They all drive like crazy people, but we had grown attached to Ilya and his broken English and talk of cars and technology. We are also learning that Ilya can understand almost everything we say.

We got into the town with the orphanage in under 3 hours this time (it was over 4 on the first trip because of traffic). We checked into the hotel and unpacked a little until it was 3:15 and time to go visit our Sweet Girl. Not the most perfect first picture, but after hugs, she went straight for the bag of toys.

We had a brief diversion with the markers, but very quickly we settled on bubbles. We initially told her we couldn’t play with the bubbles inside, but the weather is cold and rainy here this week so we weren’t sure we’d get to use them. The director of the orphanage stayed for our visit this time and chatted with Vita and at some point she allowed us to use the bubbles inside. After she saw the floor, she might have regretted that decision!

We tried markers again, but she was more interested in cutting the paper up into strips and squares. We were a little nervous she’d cut herself or try to cut her hair/clothes, but she was pretty good. Made us nervous though! We haven’t had court yet we can’t injure her!

When Papa started taking more pictures, she remembered the camera too and took about 30 pictures of her surroundings. She’d frame it in the viewfinder and then while she tried to push the shutter, she’d always lower the camera. So, we have lots of shots like this:

It was sooo good to feel her again. She’s still a little skiddish on touches and affection, she can’t tolerate it for long, but I try to get some snuggles in real fast. I think that once we take custody of her we are going to find out that she’s learned to be so independent as a defense. I think our attachment is going to be a hard fought battle. We’re ready though and we certainly won’t give up.


If My Heart Had Wings

Night 0: It took us a little longer than normal to pack because we had 160# of stuff that had to fit perfectly into 2 suitcases, 1 carryon and 1 backpack. But we needed to manage our space combined with our liquids, combined with the weight limits. We finally at 10pm managed a perfect 49# per suitcase and made sure all the liquids were packed. The 8# of donated toothpaste for the orphanage certainly didn’t help!Day one: We woke up this morning at the normal time and got ready. Then the first challenge of the day came. The girls slept in a little this morning which meant that when we were ready to go, we got to go up and be the ones to wake them. Cranky was her normal smiley self in the morning. She is such a cuddle bug. Happy on the other hand takes after her mama. If you wake her, she is cranky pants. She was a little fussy, but when she saw mama and dada in her room she was all smiles.¬†We gave them their milk and got in some last minute cuddles.

The trip to Charlotte was uneventful and we checked in with no problems. We proceeded to our gate and waited for our flight. Our first baby “issue” was that he and I didn’t have seats together on the first flight. We didn’t want to be difficult and put up a fuss. We were just a row apart and this was only a 2 hour flight, we would live. But God let it be known quickly that He is in charge of this week. We were passengers 3 and 4 on the plane (thanks Delta AMEX) but one of the first people who walked to the back where we were was his row mate. Before she even got to the row, she was already calling out, “I’ll move seats so you guys can sit together!” We jumped on the chance and I was thankful that I started this trip out with my Rock.

When we got to JFK we found out that since we weren’t switching airlines, we could walk to the other terminal and save the trouble of the last flight which caused us to leave security and go back through. We also had a new game plane.. Last time, were were on such a budget mode we made out last meal in JFK something from fast food. This time, knowing it would be out last decent meal, we splurged on Chili’s which is one of my back home favorites.

While we were sitting at Chili’s and talking about how far we’ve come, a song came on the radio. It was Faith Hill’s “If My Heart Had Wings”. I hadn’t heard the song in a long time, but as I sat and listened to the words I thanked God for providing it.

Damn these old wheels
Rolling too slow I stare down this white line
With so far to go
Headlights keep coming
Loneliness humming along

Who poured this rain
Who made these cloud I stare through this windshield
Thinking out loud
Time keeps on calling
Love keeps on calling me home
I’d jump all these mountains and take to the skies
Sail through the heavens with stars in my eyes.

If my heart had wings
I would fly to you and lie
Beside you as you dream
If my heard had wings
We both committed
We both agreed
You do what you have to to get what you need

Feeling you near me with so many miles in between
Lord, it ain’t easy out here in the dark
To keep us together so far apart

It was also very fitting that the song played 5 minutes after he and I talked about what time it was in your city. We determined it to be about 9pm and therefore you would be sleeping. Coincidence that the song talks about being with you while you dream? I think not. We board our flight to your capital in about 90 minutes. Until then, we found a little charging station cafe thing. We are making sure that all of our electronics have maximum charge to get us through the next leg. Then it’s a short 9.5 hour flight and we’re on your home soil. I can’t wait to feel you so close to me again. I don’t know if we’re going to get to see you tomorrow or not, but we hope so. Sweet Girl, Mama and Papa didn’t forget. We are coming back. I long for the day to tell you that you can come home with us!