How sweet the sound (Trip 1, Day 4)

June 20 – Day 4Vita and Ilya picked us up at the hotel at 9:09am. Which is interesting because neither he or I could remember if she was coming at 9 or 9:15. She said tonight see you at 9am tomorrow again so I guess we were early and she was late for a change.

I thought we were going to the notary, but we went straight to the orphanage. We waited in the same room about 5 minutes and a caretaker brought her up. She gave Papa a hug when asked, but refused to give me a hug. That’s okay Sweet Girl, Mama has a whole lifetime with you ahead of us. She seemed sad again so I quickly brought out her bag of toys. It was the same bag of toys except I added the play-doh. She immediately went for that. It’s a set where there is a barber chair that sits on a screw base. These little heads with chia-pet like holes slide into the base so when you crank it, the hair “grows”. I only brought 2 colors of play-doh. She didn’t notice.

Once we showed her how it worked and gave her the scissors she cut all the hair off over and over again. She used both hands (left and right equally) to use the scissors and knew how to hold them and how to make them work. We screwed more hair out for her a couple of times, but after that she wanted to do it herself with no help. She is VERY independent and stubborn.

After about an hour she wanted to go outside. She hadn’t brought her ball up with her, but on the way out, she asked to go to her room to get her ball. She brought it to us with a big smile on her face. We also took her a surprise we picked up at the toy store Tuesday night.. bubbles!!

She was very excited by bubbles and knew just what to do. Sweet Girl and mama blew bubbles and Sweet Girl and Papa blew bubbles and Sweet Girl blew more bubbles.

She asked to go inside after while. Once we got back up to the room, we found out she needed to to use the restroom. We were very excited that at barely 4 she can give up playing to go to the restroom on her own. Once she was done and back up in the room, we gave her the juice box we had brought for her.

Then, we went back outside. This time her groupa was out playing. They kept trying to get her to play with them and she kept saying, “No, leave me alone!”. Some of them came over to us and tried to see her toys and she wasn’t happy about that at all so she directed us inside. Soon enough it was time for lunch so we returned her to her groupa with “paka”‘s for everyone.

During our break we went and got more doctor’s visits done. Again, if you’re in my region and want to do your medical in town, I’ve got notes on this so just let me know. Also, if you are in my region and want notes on our hotel (which we like) let me know.

Here’s a hall in the medical building. Each door is a different doctor’s “office”. You knock on the door and open it to see if they are with someone and if so you wait out in the hall on this little bench until the person comes out and then you go in. I have no clue how they know what doctor is in what room but I think the “specialty” is on the door. This looks not so bad – looks are deceiving. You can’t see the exposed wires, cracks in the walls, floors, doors or the general 1940’s and not updated since then feel.

This afternoon we had a little break at the hotel so we FINALLY got to skype with the girls. Happy was very excited to see us and towards the end got a little upset so we cut the call short. It took Cranky awhile to warm up to us on a computer, but they were both very sweet and very happy.

We went back to see Sweet Girl this afternoon.  Vita went to get her so we took the chance to take a pic of the room we visit in.

We played with more play-doh.

She had had enough cutting all the hair off from the 15 times she did it this morning so this time she used the scissors and cut up little pieces and shapes we made. Papa made her giggle lots by making masks and necklaces out of the play-doh. Vita also brought her a little treat from the market – some frosted animal crackers.

It was a big bag of them and she shared with Papa and tried to share with Mama. Mama didn’t want any. I was very proud of her that she stopped after 4-5 cookies. She also drank 2 juice boxes – one Vita brought and when she finished that we brought out another that we had brought her. She sucks those things dry. She knows how to take the straw out and put it in the hole all by herself. She also when she was done took the straw out of the box and successfully put it back in the plastic. When she does something she’s very determined and doesn’t want any help. Like someone I know.. ahem…

After snack, it was back outside. When she hears the other kids outside, she wants to go outside, but once we get out there, she doesn’t want to see them. This time, we walked a circle around the building while her and Papa blew bubbles at the same time. Whenever the kids would try to stop her she’d say “Let’s go, this way” and lead us away. We also heard “Come this way” a lot when we weren’t following close enough of fast enough. On our circles we had a couple of diversions of trying to wave through the gates to Ilya, trying to catch the birds and trying to shoo the cats away.

5:00 came all too soon and we said goodbye. We got good hugs that didn’t seem forced this time, and we got to speak to her nighttime caretaker about her. She said:

– she is a very good girl, but she’s very stubborn (we noticed)
– she usually gets people to give her what she wants (we noticed)
– she likes to color, draw and watch cartoons, but doesn’t like sports and dancing.
– she doesn’t like large groups of kids and instead prefers to be off to the side with just a couple kids
– she doesn’t like to play games
– she has one best friend and a couple of other good friends
– if she doesn’t like you, she ignores you until you go away
We hope to talk to more caretakers tomorrow or Friday and get more insights into our girl.
Vita and Ilya dropped us back off at the hotel and we made the plan for tomorrow. He and I attempted to go to this place called Globus which is like a German Walmart/Ikea concept. Completely random for where we are. I googled it and the directions said it was just a few blocks away. When we got there though, there was nothing there. Come to find out, it’s on the other side of town, definitely not walking distance. We’ll ask Vita and Ilya to let us go there tomorrow when we have a ride. We then hiked the other direction to the mall which has a food court and had sbarro pizza. Yum. We also found a little souvenior shop and picked up a couple little things to give to Sweet Girl as she gets older. On the way back to the hotel, we stopped at the market and picked up a couple little things for tomorrow. Feels like we’re getting the hang of this.

6 thoughts on “How sweet the sound (Trip 1, Day 4)

  1. I'm glad you're feeling better! (I guess you don't miss out on nausea when you're adding to the family through adoption!) I have just been over the moon about you guys being in Sweet Girl's country and getting to meet her! I'll keep praying for continued safe travels for you.

  2. Exciting stuff! I can't stop looking at the pictures and reading. I'm so glad that you are taking the time to share the journey. – Paula

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